Josh Hasty is a self-taught filmmaker, musician, painter, and entrepreneur. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Josh grew up with a passion for the arts and a drive to create, but virtually no resources or guidance. From an early age he took it upon himself to learn the craft of his favorite mediums by rigorously and independently studying filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick and Alejandro Iñárritu, to composers like Frédérick Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven and The Beatles. In his early teens he began experimenting with film photography and 8mm for several years before finally getting his first professional creative opportunity. In 2011 Josh was hired as Creative Director of SCAREDOWN, an acclaimed Halloween haunted house festival in Ohio, after the owners saw some horror short films Josh had created. He designed and directed the SCAREDOWN's three award winning haunted attractions, as well as five commercials for the event, over the course of three years. These notable accomplishments led to more commercial and indie film work, which eventually took precedence over the haunted attraction.

In 2015 Josh founded his own production company, Relavox, a niche studio specializing in high end cinematic video production for passion-focused businesses and brands. In three short years, Relavox has grown to accrue clients that include several New York Times Bestselling Authors, TEDTalks Speakers, Fortune 500 Companies, and Billboard chart-topping artists. During the same year Relavox was founded, Josh was hired personally by Rob Zombie to direct and edit a feature length documentary on the making of Rob Zombie's 31 titled, IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN. While shooting the documentary, Josh was additionally hired by Saban Films to create all of the promotional video content for 31's VOD and theatrical releases. A condensed version of Josh's documentary was shown in theaters nation-wide alongside the theatrical screenings of 31, and was released on DVD/Bluray by Lionsgate as a standalone documentary. Josh's work on the documentary was praised by critics across the board, including Forbes Magazine as an "Impressive" and "Comprehensive" film. Ultimately Josh's original 5 hour version of the documentary was released limitedly by Lionsgate in the U.S., and has become a desired collectible by Rob Zombie fans.

After the success of IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN, Josh used the momentum to embark on his debut feature film, CANDY CORN. The film is written, directed, and produced by Josh Hasty, and stars horror cult icons PJ Soles (Halloween, Carrie), Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn), and Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination), as well as newcomer, Pancho Moler (31, American Horror Story). In late 2017, CANDY CORN was put on a brief hiatus when Josh felt the producers were getting in the way of his artistic vision, and decided it would be better for the film to find more aligned producing partners. CANDY CORN is currently back in production with a new producing staff, and has an expected release date of 2019.