Josh Hasty is an american filmmaker, musician, and entrepreneur. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Josh got his start directing short films and music videos. In 2011 Josh Hasty debuted SCAREDOWN, a Halloween haunted house festival in Ohio. Josh directed and designed the event, and its three award winning haunted attractions. During this time he continued to work on commercials and independent films, in the creative, camera, and music departments. In 2015 Josh founded his own commercial production company called Relavox. The same year he began directing a documentary on the making of Rob Zombie's 31. While shooting the documentary, Josh was additionally hired by Rob Zombie to create three promotional videos for the films crowdfunding efforts, and all of the video content for 31 VOD and theatrical promotion. A portion of the documentary, IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN: THE MAKING OF 31, was shown in theaters nation wide with the theatrical screenings of 31 during the fall season of 2016. The 2 hour documentary is now available on Bluray/DVD from Lionsgate, and has been praised by critics across the board, including Forbes as an "Impressive" and "Comprehensive" film. Josh Hasty is currently directing his debut feature film, CANDY CORN, starring Courtney Gains, P.J. Soles, and Pancho Moler.