“Poetic, visually and literally.”
— Horror News
Josh Hasty as a terrific eye. Very beautiful.
— Arrow in the Head
Josh Hasty should be proud... On what was obviously a shoestring budget, he presents the rare character-driven genre film with a very strong sense of visual style.
— Dread Central

A MANNEQUIN IN STATIC is Josh Hasty's debut feature film. The film was written, directed, produced, edited and self distributed by Josh Hasty. It was received well by critics and fans as a gritty psychological thriller, commonly noted for being poetic and artistic.

A MANNEQUIN IN STATIC PLOT SYNOPSIS: Haunted by the stigma of their complicated pasts, 17-year-old Alex and his mother, Anne, are starting new lives together. Hidden from the truth, Alex finds himself feeling disconnected from the physical world he lives in and begins finding places to live inside his head through the stories he writes. Life begins to take a pleasant turn when Alex finds himself falling for his new best friend, Ashley. But as Alex begins to discover the truth about himself and the lies that create the world around him, he finds that he is living alone in his own world. However, the world he has created in his head is soon discovered to be no safer than the world that drove him there.