“It’s like walking through a horror film, not for the faint of heart. It will make you feel uncomfortable.”
— City Beat, Cincinnati

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a bittersweet heart that I am here to announce the official closing of SCAREDOWN. As many of you know, due to a change in the company's infrastructure, we moved out of our location in Waynesville last season. We did this with every intention of opening back up in 2015, and since that day we have been working diligently on finding a new home and brand. I say this is bittersweet because, during this time my filmmaking career started taking off in a direction I have been working toward for almost a decade. As many of you know, my film HONEYSPIDER was acquired by Brain Damage Films and releases world wide October 6th. And of course, I am currently knee-deep in editing the Rob Zombie documentary we are doing together. I took on the position of Director at SCAREDOWN because running a haunted house was a life-long passion of mine. For 3 years the team I was able to work with became a second family to me and helped bring these crazy ideas of mine to life, and then some. While I love haunted attractions and the industry, my first love is and always will be filmmaking. If I were someone else, I could open SCAREDOWN this year just to do it, but if you know me then you know I don't give anything less than 100%. Unfortunately I can't give that to this beast right now. So rather than string everyone along and say SCAREDOWN will be back, I am simply going to put it to rest. This crazy event has proven to be a stepping stone like no other haunted attraction in the area for the careers of myself and many others involved. But alas, its day has come.

Moving forward, I can promise you this - I will continue to keep you entertained, disturbed and emotionally confused as I journey down this crazy path as an independent filmmaker. And when the time comes, when I am confident that I can devote enough time and pull enough strings to bring the Greater Cincinnati area a Halloween event better than anything it has seen or ever will seen, you will know about it. And that day will come. Until then, please keep in touch and know this is a huge step forward for everyone. I can't thank the fans enough, who turned this thing from a little farm in the middle of nowhere, into a must-see event in just 3 short years. And of course to my amazing team. You guys are the backbone as to why this event has opened so many doors. You were all loyal and stood behind every insane (and highly controversial) idea I had for that place. I look forward to embarking with you all in the next chapter. Until then, my friends.

- Josh Hasty