Josh Hasty is a self-taught filmmaker and entrepreneur, known for his independent cult films, and as the Founder/CEO of Relavox. He first gained critical acclaim as a filmmaker in 2009 with his debut independent film, A Mannequin in Static. Hasty wrote, directed, shot, edited, produced, and self-distributed this passion project, which caught the eye of many reputable critics of the genre, as well as cult film fans. From there, Josh Hasty went on to direct the fan favorite, Judith, a tribute to John Carpenter's 1968 classic, Halloween, the controversial cult film, HONYESPIDER, and most recently, the enormous in-depth documentary on the making of Rob Zombie's newest film, 31. He founded Relavox in 2015, as a platform to produce handcrafted, cinematic web based video content for small businesses across the country. 



In 2011 Hasty embarked on a journey to blend his passion for cinema and entrepreneurship in an event called SCAREDOWN. This was a 7 week long Halloween festival that included 3 award winning haunted attractions, nightly screenings of horror films, and live entertainment. The event quickly ranked among the top of its kind in the Midwest area, which was largely in part to Hasty's direction, as well as his cinematic promotional videos, which were unseen in the market at that time. After 3 years in business, thousands of entertained guests, and national recognition, Hasty's attention was intercepted by more filmmaking opportunities, and the event was put on hiatus. In a final statement addressing the matter, Hasty said:

"I created SCAREDOWN because running such an event was a life-long dream of mine. For 3 years the team I was able to work with became a second family to me and helped bring these crazy ideas of mine to life, and then some. While I love haunted attractions and the industry, my first love is and always will be filmmaking. If I were someone else, I could open SCAREDOWN this year just to do it, but if you know me then you know I don't give anything less than 100%. Unfortunately I can't give that to this beast right now. We will be back. Until then, my friends."  - Josh Hasty


After putting SCAREDOWN to rest, Josh worked as a freelance filmmaker for brands across the country, ranging from Whole Foods to independent country music artists.

Those years were the most pivotal for me. My goal was to learn as much as I could about the art of storytelling, no matter what the subject. I took on virtually every client I could, as a challenge. There’s no doubt that it all helped shape every aspect of my career today.
— Josh Hasty


During this time, Josh took on the task of directing and producing Honeyspider. Like Hasty's first two films, this was also a passion project that became widely adored by cult thriller fans and critics alike. The attention and acclaim the low budget film received shocked Hasty more than anyone, as he states:


"I really can't believe people have fallen in love with Honeyspider the way they have. This was literally the most low budget project you could imagine. Our goal was to just make a fun 80's thriller throw back with the gear we had lying around, and now I have people sending me copies of the film to be signed. By definition, it's not what many people would call a great film, but it has more passion put into it than some $20mil budget films I've seen. I think at the end of the day that's what Honeyspider fans connect with."

- Josh Hasty


Honeyspider was screened in limited art house theaters and drive-ins during the fall season of 2014, and was immediately sold to Brain Damage Films for international distribution in March of 2015. A year after its release, Honeyspider remains a sensitive subject among film fans, who either love it like a child, or hate it with every ounce of their being. Either way, it got people talking.

In 2015, Josh Hasty began what he calls, "The first real movie I've ever done", the elaborate documentary on the making of Rob Zombie's film, 31. Hasty was hired to shoot the behind the scenes of Zombie's new film, for bonus footage on the physical release. During this time, Josh Hasty was asked by Rob Zombie to create three one minute clips from his footage for fund raising purposes. After seeing the footage and potential for what the documentary could become, Zombie pulled Hasty off the production as EPK and hired him directly to create a feature length documentary of the process. The production of the documentary has non-consecutively taken about a year in total, and is now in post production, which Zombie has entrusted Hasty to handle as well. Zombie sites the documentary on his official website as being "mammoth", to which his fans and critics have praised.


Once word got out about the success of Honeyspider and the Rob Zombie 31 documentary, Josh Hasty began to receive inquires from all directions. He took on several filmmaking keynote and workshop engagements, and by the end of 2015 founded his own startup production company, Relavox, which has quickly become a highly regarded video production company for small business, luxury real estate, and technology companies across the country. Josh Hasty can now be found balancing his time between directing independent films, acting as Producer/CEO of Relavox, and hosting keynote speeches, workshops, and training on the topic of filmmaking across all facets.