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"CANDY CORN" is the debut feature film written, directed and produced by Josh Hasty. The film stars cult horror icons PJ Soles (Halloween, Carrie), Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn), and Tony Todd (Candyman), as well as newcomer, Pancho Moler (Rob Zombie's 31). "CANDY CORN" is currently in production with an expected release date of 2019.


On Halloween eve, local outcast, Jacob Atkins, is carelessly murdered. A vagabond carnie known as Dr. Death takes matters into his own hands, bringing Jacob back from the dead to seek a grisly revenge on his killers.

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In 2015 Josh Hasty was hired by Rob Zombie to direct and edit a feature length documentary on the making of RZ's next film, "31". The documentary, "IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN", took over a year to shoot, and covers the entire filmmaking process from preproduction through the end of production. Rob Zombie and his producers were openly pleased with the job Josh Hasty did on the documentary. It was released in theaters nation-wide alongside "31" before it was made available as a second disc with the Lionsgate release of "31" on Bluray and DVD in stores worldwide. Josh edited a 5 hour long version of the documentary, which he was eventually able to forge into limited release on VOD. Critics praised Josh Hasty's work as an insightful, comprehensive and well crafted documentary. Forbes Magazine said the documentary alone was worth the purchase of "31". "IN HELL EVERYBODY LOVES POPCORN" can be purchased with "31" below.

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